Painting is an easy house renovation task and that’s why you may think of applying your DIY skills when it comes to painting your home. Yes, if you the basic knowledge and the necessary tools, you can go ahead. It would save your money and you would give you a new experience as well. But, you have to dedicate your time and need to be patient as well. It is not an elbow greasing work and you can get an amazing result as well. However, as per residential painting experts in Sydney CBD, most of the homeowners make several mistakes while painting their home on their own. If you are planning to do it, then it would be better to have a look into the below-listed points before you splash paint. So, go through the article and know you can fix the common painting mistakes that everyone makes. Drips Over Here And There You have started the paint job with great enthusiasm and now you have finished it. Now you should be happy, but you are not. You are upset because your floor, the joint of wall and ceiling and other surroundings are covered with paint drips. Relax and try to remove them safely without harming the painted walls. You can use a razor, sandpaper to rub the drips. After that, use a wet cloth to clean the dust. Make sure to use tape and drop clothes before you start your next painting project. Wrinkled Layer Once you are done with second coat, you can find several wrinkles on the surface. You may apply the second coat quickly, the temperature of the room may be very hot or the paint may be very thick. Several reasons can be there behind this issue. At first, sand the affected parts and then prime it before you apply paint, say the residential painting specialists in Sydney CBD. Stained Carpet Drips and spillage on the carpet are common. First of all, you need to prevent it. You can remove the carpet or use a drop cloth on it. In case the issue takes place, then take a scraper to remove the paint. After that, use a sponge to soak the excess liquid. Make sure not to spread it. Let the area dry properly and then use a mild cleanser to clean it.