Every colour and every wall is special and if they are the external ones they have a lot more to say silently. Every wall which is enriched with various different shades, silently enhance the class of the residents. Walls are not only to mark the end of a building or a room but, also to define a building as a home or office too. In recent times many agencies are offering various solutions for exterior painting in Sydney CBD and other areas. In the following, we have discussed some latest trending ideas for some suitable solutions. Close Appeals: White shades and pleasing neutrals, various shades of Blue and Reds are the most suitable and appealing exterior paint colours for your home and office walls. You can calibrate the colour till you think it is perfect. You can redesign your building’s exterior walls which will look very welcoming to the visitors when they arrive at your doorstep. More importantly, the right exterior colour will give you joy every time you return home, for years to come. Waterfront Shades: These shades are the most popular choices of high-end properties. May agencies are allowing you to create new perfect Blue shades for the exteriors of their commercial complexes. The combination of Blue and White offers a lively, traditional and business class look. Oasis Shades: These are the freshest paints available for the painting of the exterior walls. These days, most of the house colour consultants are suggesting many aspects of green shades in particular for a home before the selection of the final colours. According to a survey, their suggestions are based on many factors, including the dazzling of a desert sky filled with floating White clouds, the lushness of Green and down to earth Olive-Green are some suitable examples. Beautified Brick Design: Bricks enriched with vivid or a single shade can enhance the beauty of a commercial complex. It adds a touch of past and heritage. Craftsman style Green: When you have a gorgeous, sprawling Craftsman-style commercial building situated at the middle of Sydney Central Business District, you will see various rapid changes, not negative but, positive and favourable ones, and you will feel energetic surroundings. The colour of sustainable homes and office complexes in this area are also working in perfect harmony with the lush surrounding trees as well as with the manufactured stone coverings.